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Service staff have been blamed for poor customer service for too long.
We believe that software providers are part of the problem.

It's our time to stop it.

Why We Fight for Blue Collar

Nicholas Jockel, the President of PocketExpert, went to his father's garage every day during his childhood to help his father put food on the table. After this experience, Nicholas decided to go to school and started a business selling Insulin Pumps for Diabetics where he gained a lot of experience in Customer Relationship Management. Nicholas successfully grew that business until he retired in 2004.

While Nicholas's son, Garrett, was finishing up school in 2009, Nicholas found himself looking for a way to tie his education of technology to his family's blue collar roots. In 2009, PocketExpert was born as both Father and Son found purpose in bringing helpful tools to the blue collar hard working man.

Company Growth

The journey started with an idea in Garrett's dorm room with no technicians or advisors using PocketExpert to now having over 2,000 Service Advisors and Technicians using their technology. PocketExpert now employs some of the most energetic and passionate staff members in its Pittsburgh, PA based office.

These staff members have contributed to landing deals with large dealership groups and manufacturer relationships, but most importantly have formed relationships with our customers that now last over a decade.

Active in the Community

Most businesses are founded because they believe they found a way to make money. We found a calling to helping others succeed and we just make money doing it.

Support Our Troops

PocketExpert continually purchases corporate gifts from Former Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his wife Jen. In fact you may have seen their product, Bottle Breacher, on SharkTank. It is an authentic decommissioned .50 caliber bullet recycled into a pen, or more popularly a bottle opener.

$8,000 of Scholarships per Year

Losing her father was just the start to numerous things that Mandy's family would need to overcome. At PocketExpert, even before we became profitable, we helped Mandy attend a private school to give her the best opportunity to succeed.